About Festival Giacometti 2019 - Women from Ferreira do Alentejo

Festival Giacometti

Festival Giacometti is about nurturing roots and bringing forth new shoots, loving and honouring the elderly, giving voice to the youth, valuing our region’s material and immaterial heritage, and promoting the exchange of local experiences and knowledge with people from all origins. In this vast flat land at the European extreme west, we want to be what we are, solemn and dauntless.

The festival offers a diverse program of music, art, anthropology, cinema, dance and gastronomy. This annual event embraces cultural challenges through the presentation of national and international events of different contemporary expression, marrying together tradition and innovation. 

Michel Giacometti

The ethnomusicologist personality that gives name to the festival, although born in Corsica, has realised remarkable research and investigation in Portugal, famous for its contribution to popular culture – oral tradition, music, dance and traditional medicine. 

There is a strong link between Michel Giacometti and Ferreira do Alentejo where, in 1968, he made several collections based on his extensive research of  the traditional choral singing known as "Cante Alentejano" in the local communities of Peroguarda, Ferreira and Figueira dos Cavaleiros. The deep bonds he established with the locals, especially in Peroguarda, where he kept several close friends, saw him choose the small white village as his last address.

Black and white photo of Michel Giacometti

Festival Giacometti is a project by Câmara Municipal de Ferreira do Alentejo

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Curator: Helena Inverno

General Direction: Maria João Pina

Artistic Direction: Helena Inverno

International Relations and Production: Suzanne Smithson

Technical Direction: Süse Ribeiro

Graphics: Gabriela Soares "Bloco Design" and Pedro Dinis

Web Design: Pedro Dinis / Web Development: Ino Detelić

Photography: Helena Inverno

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External Collaboration: Ana de Almeida e Catarina Botelho