Festival Giacometti 2023, Ferreira do Alentejo
Festival Giacometti

1, 2, 3 & 4 of June 2023

  • Lura - the gift of the voice the strength of Lusophony

  • Mercedes Álvarez - The Sky Turns

  • Booth V & Turnbull A - Voices Singing Hands

  • Crua - pulsating Iberian journey

  • Multi Cool Coral - Temporary Musical Territory

  • Santos & Sued - Luso-Argentine Atlantic encounter

  • Dj Guillotina - cumbiera butterfly on the loose

  • Dj Lucky - eclectic funky crossings

  • Conjunto!Evite - Alentejo in the progadelic universe

  • Art exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses

Youtube video vinyl Festival Giacometti

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Three years live and one online

A celebration of Festival Giacometti made with the archive of images and sounds of the three live editions that brought the hustle and bustle to Ferreira do Alentejo, with its engaging, eclectic and happy programming.

Special thanks to all the Ferreira community who took to the stage, which so far has numbered more than 800 participants. Thank you also to the artists and the audience who are always so dear to us.