Festival Giacometti - 6th of June 2020

2020 PROGRAMME (past event)


Festival Giacometti


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youtube singa FM radio

A full day with a children's programme, radio show and video and audio launches throughout June.

⚠  Covid-19: Pandemic transformed 2020 festival

Unfortunately, and because of reasons we all know, the full 2020 edition of Festival Giacometti was cancelled and instead we appeared via the internet in a new format - ONLINE!


Children's singing
Iberoamerican Project - SOS walrus
Children's programme

singa FM Children's programme

Live broadcasting on Radio Singa FM, with SOS morsa, sound piece by Flore de Corbier and the Cante Alentejano.

Iberoamerican Project - SOS morsa (walrus)- release of music by Rosalía Mowgli y La Escuela Encantada for a drawing and painting session.
Special guests and telephone participation by listeners.

watch video "Walrus SOS Letter"

Sound piece by Flore de Corbier
at his residence in Ferreira with the primary school classes.

Songs of the primary school of Alfundão and Santa Margarida.

watch video "My hat - first rehearsal"

The class from Santa Margarida do Sado primary school sings "O meu chapéu" (My hat) by João Monge.

Thanks to Ferreira do Alentejo's School Group.

Broadcasted on June 6 live on Radio Singa FM from 10:00 to 11:30.

June 6
Singa FM radio
Children at the Cinema Atelier

Cinema workshop for children

Videographic record.

The Cinema Workshop was run by Rossana Torres with Teresa Fonseca's class in the years 2019-20.

watch video "Cinema workshop"

Who are the Three Turnips?
The video follows the students' investigation and research looking for a story.

June 6
Pimpinella in the Aromatic Garden

Pimpinella in the Aromatic Garden

Released over the weekend, June 6 and 7, with 4 episodes on Youtube.

Pimpinella is a creation and interpretation by Eva Ribeiro.

watch video - teaser

This teaser presents the arrival at Festival Giacometti

watch video - 1st episode

Pimpinella takes us through her enchanted garden in the discovery of smells and aromas.

watch video - 2nd episode

Pimpinella opens the doors of her house. We all fit inside except her. Oh! What will happen?

watch video - 3rd episode

Orange, orangey, orangeade, what a big mess!

watch video - 4th episode

Pimpenella has romance in the air. Or is it at sea?

June 6 & 7

video releases

Dafka / Doneff Duo - Stojna

Dafka / Doneff Duo - Stojna

Special release for 2020's Festival Giacometti.

"Stojna" - traditional Macedonian song
with Maria Dafka (bayan and voice), Dineff (tapan)

watch video "Stojna"

Shared by Dafka / Doneff Duo, as an announcement of the rescheduling of the Festival Giacometti show for next year.

June 5
around the clay


Release of the Festival Giacometti Register notebook 2018-2020 with an unpublished clip by Marta Pereira da Costa.

Around clay, cante and the world, this is Festival Giacometti.

The images reveal events from the live editions of the Festival Giacometti in its musical and cultural richness and diversity, when it brings together the lemon tree and the mint, when three women are thirty generations and a community thanks the fire of fire for saying goodbye.

watch video - FESTIVAL GIACOMETTI 2018-20

2020 is the year in which Festival Giacometti, even if confined to the digital medium, does not abdicate proximity, insists on inhabiting the musical and human depth and, brings with it unpublished lapidated clip by Marta Pereira da Costa.

June 13
Marta Pereira da Costa - Verdes Anos (Green Years)

MARTA PEREIRA DA COSTA - Verdes Anos (Green Years)

Unpublished clip, made during the confinement times.

Known on prestigious international stages, Marta Pereira da Costa and her Portuguese guitar, offer here the genius, the oceanic, and the intimacy of Verdes Anos.

watch video - Verdes Anos (Green Years)

This unpublished clip, made during the confinement times, is priceless delivery that greatly honours the Giacometti Festival.

Video clip credits: Creative Melides Studio

June 27
The Maias of Figueira

Maia goddess expressions

Video record: As Maias da Figueira (2018) and Marafonas de Monsato (2019).

Figueira dos Cavaleiros takes to the streets to parade the “maias", women covered in flowers reviving an ancestral tradition.

In Monsanto, its adufeiras celebrate the goddess of fertility, Maia, with her marafonas. The special guest of this memorable evening at the Festival Giacometti is the magnificent singer and accordionist Celina da Piedade.

watch video - Maia goddess expressions

As Maias da Figueira - with Figueira dos Cavaleiros Group (Festival Giacometti 2018).
As Marafonas de Monsato - Adufeiras de Monsato and special guest Celina da Piedade (Festival Giacometti 2019).

June 20
Soledonna at the Núcleo Museológico de Arte Sacra de Ferreira do Alentejo

Soledonna - Corsican polyphony

Video recording of liturgical chants at the Núcleo Museológico de Arte Sacra de Ferreira do Alentejo - Festival Giacometti 2019.

Soledonna - Polyphonies of Corsica or the Shared Mediterranean, is a female trio, in itself unconventional, that sings of Corsica as it celebrates its ancient sacred heritage and exquisitely explores the intermingling of Mediterranean cultures.

In the Museum Centre of Sacred Art of Ferreira do Alentejo, the unique and wonderful trio Soledonna performed two liturgical chants from Corsica. In Paradisu, mass for the dead and Sanctus, mass of the living.

watch video - Soledonna - Corsican polyphony

The trio Soledonna composed of three female authors-composers-interpreters brings a confident and serene modernity to the world, while taking us into a powerful experience in which the complexities of human history are sung and gain universal echo. The a capella songs are integrated into her everyday life and, the osmosis between tradition and modernity crowns her artistic approach. Innovation after innovation, perseverance and daring are measures that define the exceptionally diverse career of this group awarded France's highest award for traditional music.

June 21
TIM - songs for the place where he was born

TIM - two songs for the place where he was born

Video recording of songs at Festival Giacometti 2019.

watch video - TIM - two songs for where he was born

Invited by Festival Giacometti and Celina da Piedade, Tim, the great icon of Portuguese rock music, honoured us with two songs in the square where he was born. The 2019 Festival Giacometti was thus gifted with Voar and A Fisga.

June 22
Batucaderas de Marapano de Porto Salvo and their guest Jorge Funaná

Batucaderas de Marapano with Jorge Funaná

Video recording of dance at Festival Giacometti 2019.

The Batucaderas de Marapano de Porto Salvo and their guest Jorge Funaná jumped off the stage and opened the dance floor. It was a lively dance; there was no heat that could give a moment's peace.

watch video - Batucaderas with Jorge Funaná

Dona Maria was saying a few months before the date of 2019 Festival Giacometti: we're going to play a lot in Ferreira do Alentejo, we'll bring a Funaná and Deolinda Fidalgo is our soloist!

June 28
Yogistragong Orchestra - Rama Shinta

Yogistragong Orchestra - Rama Shinta

Video recording of dance at Festival Giacometti 2019.

The fascinating music of the gamelan echoing through the Municipal Garden is directed by Elizabeth Davis, the current timpanist and percussion section leader of the Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa.

watch video - Yogistragong Orchestra - Rama Shinta

Hipnotizando-nos com a sua destreza musical, Yogistragong dá vida a esta coleção de instrumentos de tempos antigos chamado gamelão e, traz consigo dois bailarinos da dança tradicional da Embaixada da Indonésia que, coreograficamente contam nesta peça a lenda de “Rama Shinta” vinda de tempos imemoriáveis.

June 29
Pedro Mestre - campaniça and singing

PEDRO MESTRE - the campaniça and improvised cante

Video on the Dança dos Ensaiados and singing to the despique.

Pedro Mestre, presents the Dança dos Ensaiados and talks about the campaniça guitar from Baixo-Alentejo. He also talks about the cante de improviso specific to the municipality of Ferreira do Alentejo regarding his despique with Raúl Alcobia during the 2018 Festival Giacometti.

watch video - Pedro Mestre

Campaniça and improvised singing.

June 30
Celina da Piedade - Altinho


Video of Celina da Piedade's concert at 2019 Festival Giacometti, with 1910s-style photographs by Rafael G. Antunes.

With her brilliant voice and magical accordion, Celina da Piedade picks us up and takes us to her Altinho.

This video recorded at 2019 Festival Giacometti brings together a collection of photographs by Rafael G. Antunes who delighted Ferreira do Alentejo by portraying those who wanted to be photographed in the fashion of 1910.

watch video - Celina da Piedade - Altinho

We, Ferreirenses, outsiders, visitors of the Festival and some of its magnificent artists, Soledonna, Fogo Fogo, Orquestra Hai La Hora, Verónica Castro, Crystal Kershaw and Flore de Corbier. How beautiful!
Thank you very much, Celina!

June 30


Celina da Piedade


Broadcast on Radio Singa FM, with live guests and special music concessions.

with live guests
Celina da Piedade and Pedro Mestre

special concession songs
Marta Pereira da Costa
Dine Doneff & Maria Dafka
Fogo Fogo
Rosalía Mowgli

ao telefone
Daniela Alemão - Hai La Hora Orchestra
Ferreira do Alentejo Philharmonic Band
Hélia Varanda - Quartetto Ma Non Troppo

Broadcasted on 6 June live on Radio Singa FM from 17:30 to 19:00.

June 6
Singa FM radio
Dj Rita Só
Djs: Ricci Simons e 4lquimista
Dj Candy Diaz
Dj 4lquimista


Broadcast live on Radio Singa FM, with guest Ricci Simons.

Sets from: Ricci Simons, 4lquimista, Rita Só and Candy Diaz.

Ricci Simons (aka kennystones) is an alternative R&B artist. He presents at Festival Giacometti, songs of his own authorship released on EP. They are themes from his personal universe remastered with all the beauty and power of sound.

DJ 4laquimista brings us music from various urban cultures. A comprehensive musical journey that crosses Hip Hop and Drum N Bass, sung in Brazilian, Portuguese and North American.

Rita Só reveals a vibrant and imposing collection and taste of African music, with particular attention to the rhythms of Angola and Cape Verde, to cross worlds and stories in a balance of fever and great celebration.

Candy Diaz Aka Ana Farinha paints a world without border restrictions, full of congas, handclaps, fervent gospel choirs and unruly scratching guitars. Her sets have several geneologies, they come from Punk and Funk, they go through honeyed and non-conformist Soul, they have Girls-Groups, they cross Latin downloads, African beats, Exotic, Dub, Hip Hop, bizarre and Spoken Word.

Transmission of the Dj Night held on June 6 live on Radio Singa FM from 22:00 to 02:00.

June 6
Singa FM radio
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